An Efficient Structure, A Dedicated Team

CannBioRx Life Sciences has recruited excellent staff through the opportunities it offers to work in and with well-funded companies.

It is part of our philosophy to allow the founding scientists to optimize their own research and choose what resources they need to succeed.

CannbioRx Life Sciences has a number of advantages over competing pharmaceutical companies:

Our companies will be planning how their products are tested from the earliest stages in order to hasten progress and optimize value. Whenever possible, they are also planning to own and sell the products that they work with.

We aim to deliver long-term value by scientific and medical success using high quality research at some of the word’s leading institutions. Much of this research has already been undertaken with public funding.

Each company is led by senior world-leading scientists in their respective fields. Many have been instrumental in the creation of new drug classes or scientific fields, such as cannabis chemistry and endogenous repair.

The products being worked on by scientists at CannbioRx Life Sciences could potentially be used on many target indications. This reduces risk, as it introduces a ‘plan b’ to the trials. Risk is further reduced by the companies in our ecosystem working together to share resources and research.